Local products

Thinking outside the box, is the motto of ROSTA Australia's sales and design team.

ROSTA Australia regularly manufacture locally in Australia variations to the standard ROSTA catalogue ranges to support local customers’ needs.

Ask our Australian ROSTA sales team today, how we can help you with customised ROSTA solutions, to meet your requirements for increased operator safety, improved productivity and reduced operational down time costs. 

Motorbase - Type MBSL Vertical lift


The MBSL self-adjusting Motorbase for slurry and dewatering pump belt drives with drive powers in the 90 kW to 550 kW range.

Motorbase - Type MB 70 GEN 15


ROSTA MB 70 GEN 15 Heavy Duty Motorbase for 37 to 110 kW electric motors.

Chain Rider – Type MBCR


The ROSTA self-adjusting MBCR Chain Rider has been designed for larger pitch chains in simplex, duplex or triplex options, as to the chain size there is no limitations.


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