Business Relations

ROSTA is part of a larger group combining several equally sized companies whereof all are Swiss based. All the members have their production largely in Switzerland.

Compounds AG

ROSTA engineering and Compounds rubber technology. An excellent symbiosis!

Compounds AG

The Compounds AG is the sister company of ROSTA AG. Compounds supplies all the rubber inserts for our suspension elements. In 2007 ROSTA acquired Compounds which has been the rubber supplier for many years. The newly established manufacturing operation of Compounds AG is affiliated with a generously designed test laboratory.

The developers and laboratory personnel at ROSTA and Compounds work «hand in hand» to promote a consistent rubber suspension quality. The satisfaction of our clients is very important to us, and we strive to provide excellent products at a consistent quality.


POLYGENA – partnership for small and medium-sized companies (KMU)


The POLYGENA AG is funding body and partner for small and medium-sized companies (KMU) in industries and services. It ensures the succession and therefore the autonomy of the companies also for the future generation.

Its participation is a part of its long-term corporate engagement. POLYGENA takes responsibility and goes along with business companies and their management teams on the way to a successful future.


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